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Top 7 Tools We Use to Streamline Admin Tasks​

Top 7 Tools We Use to Streamline Admin Tasks​

Is it important to streamline administrative tasks if you’re a small healthcare business? Are you curious about how we simplify tasks at Creative Therapy Adelaide? Do you need to be a big business or corporation to make the most of today’s technology? So many questions!

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Case studies

How implementing a marketing dashboard supported this private practice to focus their marketing resources appropriately.

Problem: The owner of a private practice found themselves spending excessive time and funds on marketing activities that yielded no discernible return on investment. They emulated strategies employed by other businesses at no benefit to them, dedicating extensive hours to social media and allocating resources to paid advertising campaigns.

Solution: Pixelcare refined their intake process and implemented a comprehensive dashboard to provide transparency and understand the efficacy of various referral channels. Armed with insights into the most productive channels, we directed our resources towards optimising these avenues while developing automated systems to manage less fruitful channels.

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Now, the business channels its energies into SEO and stakeholder engagement initiatives. Meanwhile, they’re maintaining their social media presence by automating with systems and processes their content scheduling, ensuring a seamless flow of content for up to two months in advance.

How implementing an email welcome sequence supported this healthcare business to increase client average visits.

Problem: The owner of a healthcare business expressed dissatisfaction with the average client retention rate. They perceived that certain clients failed to progress beyond the initial appointment, hindering the continuity of service and preventing them from fully benefiting from their service.

Solution: Pixelcare introduced a welcome email series activated upon client intake or service acceptance. This initiative aimed to improve the initial impression the client had with the business, fostering familiarity and instilling confidence, thereby encouraging their return.

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Allowing clients to learn more about the business and understand the reasons for their return was pivotal in boosting this business’ client retention rate. Clients visited the company 3 times more.

How implementing a system-driven SEO approach supported this private practice to grow their client intake.

Problem: The business owner lacked familiarity with SEO and hesitated to outsource it to a costly external agency lacking experience in allied health and disability. Concerns arose regarding potential damage to the brand if produced content did not align with business values and industry standards.

Solution: Pixelcare stepped in by providing clarity on required content for better ranking, along with templates and guidelines for internal team members, facilitating the creation of relevant material. Implementing best practices ensured increased enquiries from potential clients and subsequent intake. Furthermore, the produced content was integrated into email marketing campaigns and also utilised as a valuable resource for clients by the team.

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The business witnessed a substantial surge in client intakes attributed to Google organic search, with SEO referrals accounting for 52.1% of the total intakes.

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When you’re ready to begin and we have agreed on what needs to be done, we’ll move into the onboarding phase.  We’ll create a strategic plan, making sure we tackle opportunities that bring immediate benefits while also setting the stage for long-term growth. Our goal is to match our efforts with your business goals, making sure we’re as efficient and effective as possible at every step of your client’s journey.


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With a clear plan in place, it’s time to get started. We’ll jump straight into putting the strategies we discussed during onboarding into action. Whether it’s improving your marketing, streamlining operations, or making your customer experience better, we’re dedicated to delivering real, noticeable results. We’ll keep communication open throughout, making sure you’re updated on the progress every step of the way.

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